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Inspired by own skin problems. Kerima B. Kellermann and her products by Ligne Saint Claire.



Non-greasy fluid with Lifting Effect, designed to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This moisturizer contains 2-carat nano-gold. It has a moisturizing and binding effect, making it ideal for firming the skin on the face and décolleté. The skin looks visibly younger after an application. Ideal as an application for swollen eyes and as a make-up base. Applying the gel preferably in the morning is immediately absorbed by the skin without leaving any residue.

Free of mineral oils, parabens, silicons and PEGs.
The pH is about 6.0 -7.0.

30 ml dispenser



Day / night cream with amethyst and pearl powder.
This luxury cream takes you into the legendary world of 1001s night. The pearl extract is rich in amino acids, which tighten and firm your skin, protecting against free radicals and preventing moisture less. The containing amethyst powder has relaxing properties, contributes to inner peace and refreshes the mind. In addition, it tightens the connective tissue and makes the skin more resistant to external influences with a harmonizing “anti-stress effect”. The active ingredient dexpanthenol plays an essential role in the metabolism of the skin and increases its moisture retention capacity. It supports the regeneration of the skin cells and thus contributes to the regeneration. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, almond oil, apricot kernel oil and shea butter nourish the skin, provide it with sufficient moisture and make it wonderfully supple.
Free from mineral oils, PEGs, parabens.
Effect of pearl extract:
– Activates hormone production
– Eliminate dilated veins
– Relieves allergies and rashes
– Gives the skin beauty and balance

Effect of Amethyst Powder:

– Activates the skin connective tissue
– helps the skin to retain moisture
– The skin becomes more resistant

– The skin remains supple
– Cleans the glands and pores
– Eliminate blackheads
– Treatment with amethyst recommended for rashes and irritation

Application: Apply 1 – 2 times a day a small amount of cream to the skin and distribute.


50 ml Dispenser



The extraordinary effect of this luxury serum is based on a plant stem cell complex, valuable vegetable oils, highly effective caviar extract and a secret oriental herbal mixture. The plant stem cells of this miraculous serum, obtained from apples, grapes and alpine rose, have been shown to promote the rapid and innumerable formation of new skin stem cells. This cream was specially formulated to be applied after the Matrix Cell Repair treatment or Plasma Lift treatment to optimize the results.

Free of mineral oils, silicone, paraben, PEGs, animal components.

The pH is about 7.0.


50 ml crystal crucibles