Matrix Cell Repair

Unser Testimonial

What is the Matrix Cell Repair?

  • We from LIGNE SAINT CLAIRE have succeeded in developing a unique transport matrix! This allows the active ingredients to act directly on the cell! The results are simply revolutionary!Step 1: The treatment in the beauty salon! Exclusively by trained professionals and exclusive partners of LIGNE SAINT CLAIRE. The results are revolutionary and immediately visible (for all problems such as: acne, acne scars, cellulite, large-pored skin, wrinkles etc.). The treatment is repeated at most 1-2 times a year!Step 2: The use of our creams! This leads to a further, steady improvement of the skin! Youth (literally) skin, healthier skin color.Our goal: throw away your make-up!

    The primary mode of action of the treatment is to act on the cells responsible for skin aging and skin problems. This happens in different and complementary steps. The task is to re-strengthen cells that are no longer fully functional, to refresh the cellular fluid in the cells by increasing the oxygen exchange in the cell fluid. In addition, there is a positive change in the voltage across the cell membrane.

    Ligne Saint Claire believes skin aging is a cellular process. This makes our goal clear.

    The formula:

    Prolonging the life of the cell + increased oxygen exchange in the cell fluid + increasing the efficiency of the cell + its increased division. Result: a firm and healthy skin

    Without massive intervention such as injections or plastic surgery.

    Matrix Cell Repair, Matrix Cell Diamond and Matrix Zellutrax are the only beauty treatments and products that offer:


  • The treatment has a lasting effect on ALL skin problems (acne, scars, dermatitis, large-pored skin, pale skin, cellulite, etc.)
  • The treatment is only used 1-2 times a year
  • The skin and the skin structure are significantly improved within minutes.
  • The result can not only be maintained for months, the skin also changes weekly after the
  • treatment.
  • The active ingredients used come from nature
  • See and feel an instant rejuvenation