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Imagine, there is a treatment and cosmetics: which works immediately, with results for which you would otherwise need scalpel or Botox, which is completely natural, that does not change your facial expressions, which is highly tolerable and very enduring...LIGNE SAINT CLAIRE!

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After 30 years of laboratory research on our MATRIX HYBRID FORMULA, the Matrix Cell Repair treatment was only available to a small and exclusive clientele due to the enormous costs and difficult acquiring of the ingredients!

NOW you can enjoy our cosmetic revolution as well!

Cosmetic treatments of today have evolved over the centuries. Choose with Ligne Saint Claire the most advanced products and treatments available in cosmetics.

Lean back and enjoy the magic of our products and treatments. Our promise to you: You will never have to use anything else again!

With Ligne Saint Claire, you get results that would otherwise require scale and chemistry, and you get those results with natural ingredients only.

The development of our products and treatments is no coincidence, but the result of years of research in our laboratories and the animated exchange with experts from biochemistry, naturopathy and beauty experts and doctors from many different countries.

What is Matrix Cell Repair?

Undoubtedly, the treatment is unprecedented, measured by the variety of cosmetic treatments offered.

My Vision

Please see here what our clients say:

I love the Matrix Cell Repair treatment, there is nothing better for me. It does not hurt, immediate positive difference. I just look more vital. Dagmar Hauschild
Dagmar Hauschild

LIGNE SAINT CLAIRE – This is cosmetics that lives up to its promise!